Council members

Currently, the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems includes five member states, each of which has its own representative in the Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

  • Republic of Bulgaria — A. IVANOV, PhD, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Bulgaria in IRIAS Council.
  • Hungary — Professor T. ASBOTH D.Ec, Vice-president, Hungarian Council of the European Movement, Permanent Representative of Hungary in IRIAS Council.
  • Republic of Cuba —  Rodriguez Batista, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of the Republic of Cuba, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Cuba in IRIAS Council.
  • Mongolia — Professor S. TIMUR-OCHIR, Vice Minister of Education, Culture and Science of Mongolia, Permanent Representative of Mongolia in IRIAS Council.
  • Russian Federation — E. VELIKHOV, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation in IRIAS Council, Chairman of IRIAS Council.