Artificial intelligence and digital solutions (8)

  • Center for Whole and Nature-Like Technologies
  • Complex Systems Center
  • Center for International Information Standards
  • Center for Artificial Intelligence Problems
  • Scientific and Educational Center “Digital Formation”
  • Research Center for Ontologies of System Engineering of Information Systems
  • Center for Corporate Digital Transformation Projects
  • Laboratory of Ethics of Cyber-Physical Systems

Research direction (11)

  • Knowledge Management Center
  • Center for the Future Design
  • International Research Center for Competition Development
  • System consulting and organizational development laboratory
  • Center for the Study of Control Problems in War and Peace
  • Center for Elite Studies and Geopolitics
  • Center for Problems of Financial, Economic and Political History
  • Center for Research on the Global Financial System and Monetary Policy of the Leading Countries of the World
  • International Center for Socio-Humanitarian Problems of Management
  • Intellectual Games Research Center
  • Creative Economic Strategies Laboratory

Scientific and practical direction (9)

  • International project management center
  • International Center for Management and Investment Consulting
  • Center for Coordination of Scientific and Technical Cooperation Projects
  • Center for Problems and Projects of Sustainable Development
  • Center for Regional and Targeted Projects and Programs of Health and Longevity
  • Center for Aviation Development Prospects
  • Center for Management Problems in Space Activities
  • Center for International Development

Educational, creative, communication and publishing projects (5)

  • International Center for Strategic Research in Education
  • Department of Corporate Governance
  • Human Resource Development Center
  • Creative Industries Development Center
  • Publishing House

* Information is current as of 23/01/2023