Management history

The supreme governing authority of the Institute’s activities is the IRIAS Council.

15-18 March 1977 the first meeting of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems Council took place, in which took partсall representatives of the countries that signed the agreement on its establishment, members of the delegations of the member countries of the Agreement, members of the international team of scientists in the field of organizational management, cybernetics and operations research, representatives of the Secretariat of the Council economic mutual assistance.

The Council elected Chairman of the IRIAS Council Jermain Mihailovich Gvishiani (1977-1992), who was also the Representative of the USSR. Stanislav Vasilyevich Yemelyanov, who headed the Institute until 2003, was appointed to the position of Director.

At the IV meeting of the IRIAS Council in March 1978 approved the personal composition of the IRIAS Scientific Council. At the XI meeting of the Council  in March 1983, after hearing and discussing the report of the General director S.V. Yemelyanov about the preparation and release of the first journal trial issue, the Council decided to approve the International Editorial Board (IAC) consisting of: D. Gvishiani (Chairman), D. Davydov, I. Lang, V. Calwayt, H. Diaz Martinez, D. Baiazhiou, S. Nowacki, L. Matejka, S. Emelianov (Deputy chairman), V. Silin – Editor-in-chief (Executive secretary of IACs).


The IRIAS structure in 1990 is shown below.


Структура МНИИПУ в 1990 г.


Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 6, 1992 functions of the parent organizations to fulfill the obligations of the Russian Federation, arising from the intergovernmental Agreement on the establishment of the IRIAS were assigned to the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. A Vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician E. P. Velikhov.

In December 1994, the XX meeting of the Council took place, at which the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation, academician Velikhov Evgeny Pavlovich was elected as the Chairman of the IRIAS Council.
Scientific and scientific-practical activity was carried out by the organizations created at the Institute:
  • Center for cooperation with the EU; 
  • Center for management and investment consulting;
  • Management Center;
  • Laboratory of foreign economic relations of firms (on the instructions of the Ministry of Industry and Science).

The information and publishing Center and the Main Editorial Office of the international journal “Problems of Management Theory and Practice”, published by the IRIAS, continued their work.

At the XXVII meeting of the Council  in 2002 was noted that the concept of the development of the Institute is aimed at creating conditions for increasing the financial independence of the Institute, on the one hand, and intensifying the cooperation of national scientific organizations with IRIAS, on the other. At this time, negotiations were held with the European Aerospace and Defense Corporation (EADS) about its entry into the IRIAS as an associate member.

The proposal of the IRIAS Directorate on the actualization of the Institute’s scientific topics, its orientation to such modern high-tech areas as software outsourcing, was supported. For this purpose, the Center for software technologies was created. Kuleshov Alexander Petrovich – doctor of technical sciences, professor, organizer in the field of telecommunications and outsourcing, was appointed to the post of Deputy general director of the Institute for the development of activities in this direction.

In March 2003, an Agreement was signed to join IRIAS as an associate member of the European Aerospace and Defense Corporation (EADS) to carry out joint research and development work in the theory and practice of managing complex systems in aerospace and telecommunications, as well as in the field of information technology.

In the same year, at the XXVIII meeting of the Council, the Agreement was approved. The International Center for cooperation with EADS and the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of high technologies (International Center for Advanced Technologies IRIAS-EADS-RAN) was established in IRIAS to provide joint activities in the directions stipulated in the EADS accession agreement. 

At the meeting of the XXVIII of the Council, the proposal of Stanislav Vasilyevich Yemelyanov about his dismissal from the post of the IRIAS General director  was adopted with the aim of ensuring continuity in the development of the Institute. At the suggestion of the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation in the Council, the doctor of technical sciences, professor Alexander Petrovich Kuleshov was appointed to the position of General director of the Institute under the Article 14 for the period of five years. Academician Stanislav Vasilyevich Yemelyanov was appointed to the position of the Scientific director of the Institute.

On November 30, 2007, the XXXII meeting of the IRIAS Council was held. The Council decided to elect academician Yevgeny Pavlovich Velikhov as Chairman for the next three-year term. The Council granted the request of Alexander Petrovich Kuleshov to terminate his authority as the General director of IRIAS and decided to appoint Yemelyanov Yury Stanislavovich, candidate of technical sciences, to the post of General director for a period of five years.

In March 2017 the Council elected as the General director of Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Ageev Alexander Ivanovich. July 3, 2017 Alexander Ivanovich took up the post of General director of the Institute.