Centers of the IRIAS

Сenter for solid and nature-like technologies

Center for the introduction of advanced technologies

International сenter for high technologies EADS – IRIAS

International Center for project management

Center for digital economy and society

Center of mathematical methods in computer systems based on knowledge

Center for international information standards

Center for Big Data systems

Center for problems of artificial intelligence

Research Center of ontologies systems engineering of information systems

Center for development of object modeling of digital control systems and technologies

Center for regional studies

Center of integration partnerships

Center for the management of large socio-economic systems

Center of international development

Center for cooperation with the European community

Center for partnership studies of China, Russia and United States

Center for future construction

International research Center for the development of competition

International Center for management and investment consulting

Forecasting Center

Center of integrated management

Center for problem asset management

Center of foreign exchange control problems, raw material and energy markets

Center of management ethics

Center for strategic planning and foresight

Center for global competition

Center of management problems in terms of war and peace

Center for problems of financial and economic control and political history

Research Center of the elite and geopolitics

Center for health and longevity management

Center for ecological and technological problems

Center for health and longevity management

Center for ecological and technological problems

Center of international educational projects

Center of innovative youth programs

Center for transport and logistics projects

Center for planetary protection problems

Center for problems of environmental and chemical safety studies

Center for Coordination of Scientific and Technological Cooperation Projects.
Coorditnation of RAS Projects
(Presentation of the Center)

Center of nuclear and water law

Center for problems of space activity management

Center for problems of electronic industry management

Center for science management problems

Center for studies of the global financial system and monetary policy of the leading countries

Center of knowledge management

Center for international integrative communications

Center for international media programs

The international journal “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management”

Center for media technologies

Publishing Center

Rating agency