Structure and management

Leadership of the IRIAS

The supreme governing part of the IRIAS is the Council, which consists of permanent representatives appointed by the competent authorities of the countries that are part of the Institute.

Currently, the IRIAS’s Council includes: A. Ivanov (Republic of Bulgaria), T. Asboth (Hungary), D. Sarasa Mineli (Republic of Cuba), S. Timur-Ochir (Mongolia), E. Velikhov (Russian Federation).

Chairman of the IRIAS’s Council – permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the IRIAS’s Council academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences E. Velikhov.

The scientific leader of the Institute is academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences S. Yemelyanov.

The general director is doctor of economics, professor A. Ageev.

Structure and management


Regulatory documents of the IRIAS

  1. Agreement on the establishment of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (signed on July 9, 1976).
  2. Protocol to the agreement on the establishment of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems.
  3. Convention on the legal status, privileges and immunities of intergovernmental economic organizations operating in certain areas of cooperation (Budapest, 1980).
  4. The Charter of the Institute.
  5. Russian Federation Government Decree of June 6, 1992