History of creation

International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (further – IRIAS or Institute) was established in July 9, 1976 on the basis of the Intergovernmental Agreement in accordance with the decision of the XXIX meeting of the Session of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, which operated in 1949-1991 as an intergovernmental economic organization.

The original founders of the Institute were the governments of eight countries of the socialist camp: the Governments of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the Hungarian People’s Republic, the Republic of Cuba, the German Democratic Republic, the Mongolian People’s Republic, the Polish People’s Republic, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

By decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on February 8, 1977, the State Committee of the USSR for Science and Technology and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR were responsible for ensuring the obligations of the Soviet side arising from the Agreement on the Establishment of the IRIAS.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1992 Poland announced its withdrawal from the Institute. They automatically ceased to be members of the Institute of the GDR and Czechoslovakia in connection with state reforms. The other countries that signed the Agreement on the establishment of the IRIAS expressed interest in its preservation and development and cooperate with the Institute up to the present day.

The purpose of the Institute was the implementation of comprehensive research and development in the field of theory and practice of the organization and management of socialist social production.

In accordance with the Protocol of 18 May 1988 to the 1976 Agreement, the legal status of the IRIAS, which acts as an international intergovernmental organization with international legal personality, is governed by the current intergovernmental agreement and the 1980 Budapest Convention about the legal status, privileges and immunities of intergovernmental economic organizations operating in certain areas of cooperation. This Convention entered into force with regard to IRIAS on October 30, 1983.
At the mentioned meeting the main tasks of the Institute were defined:
  • research and development for the Agreement countries – participants in the field of theory and practice of the organization and management of the socialist social production;
  • implementation of advisory activities for the organizations of the Agreement countries – participants and transfer of best practices in the field of management;
  • assisting to the Agreement countries – participants in the field of introduction of progressive forms and methods of organization and management of socialist social production;
  • development of projects and methodological provisions for the organization of individual systems management for  Agreement countries – participants organizations and third countries national organizations.