The International Research Institute for Management Problems (hereinafter referred to as MRIAS or the Institute) was established in 1976 by decision of the governments of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the People’s Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Cuba, the German Democratic Republic, the Mongolian People’s Republic, the Polish People’s Republic, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. To date, the IRIAS member states are 5 countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia, Cuba and Russia.

The purpose of the Institute is to carry out comprehensive research and development in the field of management theory and practice.

The legal status of IRIAS as an international intergovernmental organization endowed with international legal personality is governed by the current intergovernmental agreement and the 1980 Budapest Convention.


Main activities:

research and development in the field of management, forecasting, innovation;

support of investment projects;

the international cooperation;

educational activities;

publishing activity;

organizing and conducting communication activities.


Research directions:

substantiation of the adoption of the most important interstate and national management decisions;

scientific understanding of the risks and opportunities for the development of integration processes of countries, industries, corporations;

technological platforms;

business models of the new economy;

technologies for building trust platforms;

information technologies in management.

In order to expand the practice of conducting joint research and innovation work on the basis of MRIAS, institutional structures have been created that promote the development of activities in the field of science and innovation (more than 70 centers and laboratories).


Management of IRIAS

The supreme governing body of the IRIAS is the Council, which consists of permanent representatives appointed by the competent authorities of the countries that are members of the Institute.

The international cooperation

For 40 years of its activity, the Institute has cooperated with many countries of the world and continues to develop international relations. Currently, extensive ties are maintained with scientific, educational and business organizations in more than 40 countries of the world.



The Institute regularly holds scientific events and forums dedicated to topical issues in the field of strategic management, forecasting, and innovation.

Every year IRIAS takes part in international forums, working meetings and round tables. The Institute operates in various fields of science and has a wide network of experts.



Scientific developments carried out by the Institute’s staff over the past decade have been reflected in speeches at conferences, round tables, analytical reports and publications in foreign and Russian journals, and in monographs.