International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (further – IRIAS or Institute) was established in 1976 by decision of the Governments of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the Hungarian People’s Republic, the Republic of Cuba, the German Democratic Republic, the Mongolian People’s Republic, the Polish People’s Republic, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

Nowadays IRIAS’s states – participants are five countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Mongolia, Cuba and Russia.

The purpose of creation of the Institute – the implementation of integrated research and development in the field of management theory and practice.

The legal status of IRIAS, as an international intergovernmental organization with international legal personality, is regulated by the current intergovernmental agreement and the Budapest Convention 1980 year.

Management of the IRIAS

The supreme governing part of the IRIAS is the Council, which consists of permanent representatives appointed by the competent authorities of the countries that are part of the Institute.

Currently, the IRIAS’s Council includes: A. Ivanov (Republic of Bulgaria), T. Asboth (Hungary), D. Sarasa Mineli (Republic of Cuba), S. Timur-Ochir (Mongolia), E. Velikhov (Russian Federation).

Chairman of the IRIAS’s Council – permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the IRIAS’s Council academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences E. Velikhov.

The scientific leader of the Institute is academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences S. Yemelyanov.

The general director is a doctor of economics, professor A. Ageev.

The international cooperation

Since inception, the Institute has been actively developing international cooperation with countries all over the world, taking part in international research projects and communications, identifying, discussing and proposing solutions to the global problems of our time. The Institute maintains extensive contacts with scientific, educational and business organizations in more than 40 countries. In particular, in 2017 agreements on scientific, innovative, investment and educational cooperation were concluded with organizations of China, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Austria.

The international magazine “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management (PTiPU)”

Since 1983, IRIAS publishes a monthly international magazine “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management”. The magazine is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications of VAK in the areas of “economics” and “computer science, computer technology and management”.


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