Priorities for the effective use of UAVs in the national economy

October 27, 2022 at the site of the main digital space of the Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Priorities for the effective use of UAVs in the national economy” was held.

The organizers of the conference are the Laboratory “Digital Technologies of Tariff Regulation” of the National Medical Center “Higher Shtr” FGBOU VO “PREU named after. G.V. Plekhanov” jointly with JSC “Helicopters of Russia” and the International Research Institute of Management Problems.

The moderators of the conference were: S.G. Belyaev, Director of the Scientific and Methodological Center “Higher School of Tariff Regulation”, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; V.V. Markin, Chief Researcher, Scientific School “Theory and Practice of Management in the Sphere of Antimonopoly and Tariff Regulation” G.V. Plekhanov, Doctor of Economics; V.N. Podoprigora, director of the International Center for the Development of Competition of the International Research Institute of Industrial and Applied Education, candidate of economic sciences.

The director of the Center for Coordination of Projects of Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the MRIAS M.V. took part in the conference. Gerasimov.

The conference addressed a number of issues related to:

– priority ways of intersectoral interaction when using UAVs;

– the use of UAVs in regional programs as a source of primary data for digital models;

– tasks to harmonize regulatory documents and the legislative framework for the widespread use of UAVs and to increase the economic effect of their implementation;

– methodology for improving tariff regulation, tax control, resource audit using UAVs and various target loads;

– development of a single standard for the formation of databases, obtaining, interpreting, storing and providing regional data;

– determining regional priorities for the formation of seamless 3D models of linear engineering infrastructure, industrial and construction facilities, engineering structures, land resources as the basis for effective management of the subject;

– modeling the economic effect of introducing UAVs into regional programs and projects with an assessment of economic consequences.

The conference resulted in recommendations on developing the potential of using VT UAVs for various sectors of the economy. These recommendations will form the basis of the final resolution, which will be sent to the conference participants and interested organizations.