An international conference on nuclear law in Hungary

13 июня 2018 г. состоялась первая международная конференция по ядерному праву в городе Печ, Венгрия, организованная МНИИПУ совместно с Университетом Печ. На конференции выступили министр по делам АЭС «Пакш» Янош Шули, генеральный директор МНИИПУ Александр Агеев, директор Центра ядерного и водного права МНИИПУ Иван Сабо и другие.

13 June 2018 the first international conference on nuclear law was held in Pec City, Hungary, organized by IRIAS in cooperation with the University of Pécs.

The Minister for NPP Paks Janos Shuli addressed to the conference participants with an introductory speech in which outlined the need for qualified employees in the development of the Paks nuclear power plant.
General director of IRIAS Alexander Ageev made a presentation on “Prospects for Digital Transformation in the Nuclear Industry: Challenges in Law and Education”.
Dean of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI Alexander Putilov presented the report “Implementation of nuclear power plant projects in accordance with the principles of sustainable development; application of business information technologies under the auspices of nuclear law”.
Director of the Center for nuclear and water law of the IRIAS I. Sabo spoke on the topic “Water Law in the Expansion of Paksha”.
The final speech was addressed by Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs Adrian Fabian.
The Minister for NPP Paks Janos Shuli summarized the results of the conference.
In September, courses on training specialists in nuclear power at the University of Pecs will start.