The creation of new products and the development of technologies plays an important role in the development of the Russian industry and contributes to the entry of domestic high-tech companies into international markets.

The management of the Institute has always paid great attention to the organization of broad international cooperation of scientists, manufacturers, consumers of high-tech products and technologies, as well as coordination of efforts in the field of fundamental and applied research on topics relevant to the real sector of the economy. Over the past time, IRIAS has established itself as a highly professional platform where the latest news and achievements in the field of high technologies, issues of international cooperation and various aspects related to project management were discussed between scientific centers and the business community. The participation of business representatives, leading scientists from various scientific centers of the Russian Federation, our foreign colleagues and state authorities allows the Institute to constantly expand the range of issues under consideration.

In order to fully meet the current level of development of international scientific and technological cooperation and to successfully respond to the new challenges facing various industries, the management of the Institute decided to create a Center for Coordination of Scientific and Technological Development Projects. In 2020, the competence Centre was added to the PROJECT COORDINATION of the RAS on the basis of the relevant Agreement signed between IRIAS and RAS. The Center will carry out its activities in the structure of the IRIAS on the basis of the relevant internal documents and regulations, giving preference to working with legal entities.

The main tasks of the Center are defined as:

* promoting the development, production and export of high-tech products;

* development of cooperation between Russian and international industrial companies, research centers, interested ministries and departments.

Main functions of the Center:

* promoting Russian chemical technologies on the world markets and ensuring interaction between the participants;

* participation in the implementation of the state policy in the field of high technologies;

* attracting investment in the interests of creating competitive samples of high-tech industrial products;

* assistance in conducting fundamental and applied research in promising areas of development of the real sector of the economy.