Centre for advanced projects in chemistry and chemical technology

Progress in chemistry and chemical technologies plays an important role in the industrial development of the Russian Federation and promotes the entry of the domestic high-tech companies into the international markets.

The IRIAS has always paid great attention to the organization of wide international cooperation of scientists, manufacturers, consumers of high-tech products and technologies related to chemistry and chemical technologies, as well as coordination of efforts in the field of fundamental and applied research on current topics. During its work the IRIAS has established itself as a highly professional platform for discussion of the latest news and advances in chemistry between research centers and the business community, as well as issues of international cooperation and various aspects related to project management. Involvement of business representatives, leading scientists from various scientific centers of the Russian Federation, our foreign colleagues and government authorities allows the IRIAS to constantly expand the range of issues under consideration.

To fully comply with the modern level of development of international scientific and technical cooperation and successfully respond to new challenges related to the latest advances in chemistry and chemical technology, the leadership of the IRIAS decided to establish a Centre for advanced projects in chemistry and chemical technology.

The Centre will operate within the structure of IRIAS in accordance with the relevant internal documents and regulations.

The Centre gives preference to work with legal entities.

The main objectives of the Center are defined as:

  • promotion of the development, production and export of hi-tech products and technologies;
  • development of cooperation between Russian and international industrial companies, research centers, and interested government authorities.

Basic functions of the Centre:

  • promotion of advanced chemical technologies developed in Russian Federation in global markets and ensure interaction between participants;
  • attraction of investments for creation of competitive high-tech industrial products;
  • participation in implementation of state policy in the field of chemistry;
  • assistance in carrying out fundamental and applied research in promising areas of development of chemistry and chemical technologies.