International conference in Beijing

Международная конференция на тему «Связь между Китаем и Россией после 19-го Национального конгресса Коммунистической партии Китая»

20-21 November 2017 in the framework of the 3rd China-Russia Economic Dialogue, an international conference was held on the theme “The Connection between China and Russia after the Nineteenth Congress of the Communist Party of China”.

The conference was attended by leading scientists, high-ranking officials and experts from Russia and China.

The participants discussed topical issues:

  • Influence of the XIX Congress of the Communist Party of China
  • Internal economy and finance of Russia and China at the present stage
  • International relations between the powers 
  • Great Eurasia and others.

With welcoming words, the adviser of the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev and the executive dean of the RDCY Institute Wang Wen addressed the conference participants.

On the first day, two sessions were held: Session I “Will the innovative international financial mechanism appear in the next 10 years?” And Session II “Chinese diplomacy and international economic and trade cooperation”.

On the second day, Session III “Opportunities for cooperation between the Chinese and Russian economies after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China” and Session IV “The Future of Great Eurasia and” One Belt, One Way ” were held.

Alexander Ageev spoke at the conference with a report “Digital Transition: the Landscape of Opportunities and Risks in the Framework of Russia-China Cooperation”.