The Round Table of the RABE “Business-education in engineering universities: Technological management of innovations”

Круглый стол РАБО «Бизнес-образование в инженерно-технических вузах: технологический менеджмент инноваций»

21 February 2018 The Round Table of the Russian Association of Business Education (RABE) was held in MEPhI on the theme “Business-education in engineering universities: Technological management of innovations”. With welcoming words to the participants appealed: the rector of the MEPhI M.N. Strikhanov; the president of RABE, a member of the editorial board of the IRIAS’s international journal “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management” S.P. Myasoedov and the general director of IRIAS A.I. Ageev.

The main thematic areas of the discussion were:

  • From entrepreneurial intentions – to create a startup business education in the examples of the Russian experience.
  • Business education and global entrepreneurship monitoring (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – GEM): the market of technological competencies and the market of problems and tasks.
  • Business education and choice of the source of investment in high-tech entrepreneurship.
  • Business education in the digital economy is a threat to employment or a source of entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Business education and factors hindering the growth of Russian small and medium-sized companies.
  • Technological management of innovations in the era of the digital economy: “end-to-end” technologies, cloud services, digital production.

In conclusion, a study visit to the Nanocentre and the Laser Center of the MEPhI was held.