Panel discussion “The role of culture in Eurasian integration”

Панельная дискуссия «Роль культуры в евразийской интеграции»

16-18 November 2017 the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum was held, which became a well-known international platform for creative and business meetings, open dialogue and exchange of experience between specialists in the field of culture and cultural policy for five years.

Within the framework of the forum, the panel discussion “The Role of Culture in Eurasian Integration” was held in the Hermitage. The discussion is held on the initiative of the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations “Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The topic of the discussion platform is aimed at developing intercultural dialogue between countries and peoples, strengthening humanitarian ties on the Eurasian continent.

The main theses of the panel discussion were:

  1. Providing world stability through the rapprochement of peoples on the principles of a culture of universal values ​​is the main task of the present and the future.
  2. The common task of all peace-loving forces on the Eurasian continent is the development of integration processes through the effective use of people’s, public diplomacy, the mechanisms of economic, scientific, educational and humanitarian cooperation.
  3. In the name of strengthening international peace, interethnic and inter-confessional dialogue, it is important, along with the activation of mutually beneficial political and trade-economic ties, to expand cross-border cultural and humanitarian cooperation, to make greater use of the potential of people’s diplomacy by involving as many non-governmental organizations and other civil society institutions in its orbit.
  4. The culture of peoples is a key factor in the formation of a harmonious and peaceful state community and, beyond its borders, becomes a determinant of the development of the international community.

Alexander Ageev, General director of IRIAS, spoke at the panel discussion with a report.