Presentation of the book by S.V. Hainish in the “Biblio-Globus”

ТД Библио-Глобус

In the “Biblio-Globus” in the Club of organizational management there was a presentation of the book of the professor S.V. Hainish “Management and business in a semi-structured world: Topical sections, paradoxes, solutions (from the experience of management consulting)”. 

Within the framework of the meeting S.V. Hainish, Director of the International Management & Investment Consulting (IMI Consulting), made a report, during which the following issues were revealed:

  1. How to build a successful business in today’s Russian conditions?
  2. What, first of all, needs to be changed in your mind, business culture and ways of running a business?
  3. What are the company’s need to create and launch mechanisms to ensure its cost increase and continuous development?