President of RAS: “Brain research should become one of the priorities of Russian science”

Президент РАН

21 March 2018 President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev said at a meeting of the Public Council of the Federal Project “Locomotives of Growth” of the United Russia party: “Studies of the brain and artificial intelligence should become one of the priority areas in the research of Russian scientists.”

“If we understand how the brain works, it will determine the future of all information technologies … There must necessarily be a powerful program for artificial intelligence, but plus it is necessary – the brain.There is a very large interdisciplinary project, we all need to do it together” , – said Alexander Sergeyev.
The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences reminded that now there is a transition to the digital economy, where everything should happen through complex sequential calculations.


The federal project “Locomotives of growth” of the party “United Russia” is aimed at creating conditions for the progressive development of the Russian economy in cooperation with the leading industries and national Russian companies – the locomotives of growth and development. The most important direction of the project is the improvement of legislation, mechanisms and practices of industrial development, the creation and development of infrastructure, the creation of modern production facilities and conditions for business, the formation of an innovative environment. The project is designed to become an effective political mechanism that will contribute to solving the tasks of industrial development and strengthening the domestic economy.

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