Prospects for China-Russia trade, economic and financial cooperation in a new era

Перспективы торгово-экономического и финансового сотрудничества Китая и России в новую эпоху

15-16 July 2018 in Beijing, the Fourth Economic Dialogue between Russia and China was held on the theme “Prospects for China’s and Russia’s Trade-Economic and Financial Cooperation in a New Era.”

A report on the “Strategic Matrix of the Eurasian Integration” was made by the General director Alexander Ageev. Director of the Center for studies of the global financial system and monetary policy of the leading countries Mihail Ershov made a report about the problems of global financial stability.

The parties discussed the achievements of economic cooperation between Russia and China, outlined the existing problems and assessed the prospects for its development.
Following the results of two days of meetings, colleagues from Russia and China announced a joint report “Building the Potential of Russian-Chinese Cooperation”.