Public lecture “The Digital revolution: explicit and not obvious changes”

Публичная лекция «Цифровая революция: явные и неявные перемены»

10 November 2017 in the Lipetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library Alexander Ageev delivered a lecture on the theme “Digital revolution: explicit and implicit changes”. At the invitation of the Lipetsk branch of the Russian society “Znanie” within the framework of the project “Youth lecture”.

The novelty of the “digital economy” is not only to achieve unprecedented flexibility in technology, production and consumption formats, or in dramatically reducing the cost of production and logistics processes. Perhaps the main thing is that the speed and memory of information and computing systems allow you to “digitize” almost everything in this world. Including – they give a technical opportunity to design even consciousness. It is no accident that the question arose about who will be the “ruler of the world”. Sketchily began to think about what Society 5.0 is? But beyond the horizon we are faced with an even more exciting challenge – Society 6.0.