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ХХII Petersburg International Economic Forum

ХХII Петербургский международный экономический форум

Since 24 till 26 May 2018 on the banks of the Neva River passes ХХII Petersburg International Economic Forum. The forum was attended by General director of IRIAS A.I. Ageev and Deputy General director S.А. Batchikov and V.N. Saraev, and also A.N. Raikov, Director of Center for problems of artificial intelligence. The official opening date is set for May 24, …

Coordination Council of the Eurasian Information and Analytical Consortium

Координационный совет Евразийского информационно-аналитического консорциума

17 May 2018 the Coordinating Council of the Eurasian Information and Analytical Consortium (EIAK), chaired by Bordyuzha N.N., was held at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. The issues of organization and interaction of the consortium participants were considered. General director of IRIAS Ageev A.I. spoke at the meeting with the report …

The meeting of the ICIE Council was held in Greece

В Греции прошло заседание Совета МКПП

12-15 May 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece the meeting of the ICIE Council was held. In focus was the development of international cooperation in the field of transport and logistics. Discussed topical issues of the ICIE, the implementation of practical programs and projects with the participation of members and partners of the Congress, as well as problems …

Increase of operational efficiency of the “Ural-Design”


In April-May 2018 International Center for management and investment consulting of the IRIAS prepared and held a meeting-seminar with the Group of Enterprises “Ural-Design” (Perm) on the topic “Revitalization of the work to improve the operational efficiency of the “Ural-Design” Group companies: LLC “UD Group”, LLC “CA-TNG” and LLC “UD-cattle” in 2018-2019 (20) years, using the best practices of global …

Journal “Theoretical and practical aspects of management” presented a special issue “Economic Policy of Russia in 2018-2024”

Журнал ПТПУ представил спецвыпуск «Экономическая политика России в 2018-2024 годы»

11 May 2018 in the RANEPA the presentation of the special issue “Economic Policy of Russia in 2018-2024” of the international journal “Theoretical and practical aspects of management” was held.    The presentation was, in fact, a scientific and practical conference, at which the authors of the special issue – leading academic economists of Russia: Aganbegyan A.G., Ajrapetyan …

Visiting the University SSTU

Посещение СГТУ им. Ю. Гагарина

3-4 May 2018 A.Ageev, General director of IRIAS,  visited the Saratov State Technical University. Y. Gagarin (abbr. SSTU) and delivered a lecture on the theme “Triumph or the end of anthropogen” before the teachers and students.  There were also working meetings with President D. Ayatskov and Rector I. Pleve.