The content of the director’s work of the enterprise in the conditions of economic reforms

Editorial team: Grelik M., Klimova E.T., Krul H.

The present collection includes reports of specialists from the member countries of the IRIAS, presented at the IX International Meeting (Berlin, September 1989) on the problem of “Managerial training of economic managers in conditions of comprehensive improvement of the economic mechanism and acceleration of scientific and technological progress” of the plan for scientific research and scientific coordination events of IRIAS.

The main content of the reports is the preliminary results of the international empirical survey “The content of the work of the enterprise economic manager”, as well as the results of other national and international surveys in this area. In addition, the methodological issues of the transition from the content of the work of modern economic managers to the characteristics of their managerial qualifications in the present and in the future, as well as to the formation of training programs and the development of skills of managers, are also considered. The experience of training managers on programs, compiled taking into account the current stage of economic intensification, is presented.

The application contains a questionnaire on which a survey of business executives was conducted.

The collection is aimed at scientists and specialists who study the problems of managerial training of managers, teachers of the system of training and professional development.

M.: International Research Institute for Advanced Systems, 1990. –  156 p.


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