Interview of the IRIAS Deputy General director A.A. Khachaturian to the magazine “Economic Strategies”

Интервью заместителя генерального директора МНИИПУ А.А. Хачатуряна журналу «Экономические стратегии»

About the strategic perspective and the new vector of development of tthe International Research Institute for Advanced Systems in modern economic realities, in an interview with the journal “Economic Strategies”, the Deputy General director of the IRIAS, doctor of economics, professor, editor-in-chief of the international journal  “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Management ” Ashot Ardavasovich Khachaturian.

2017 is the year of strategic decision-making on the further socio-economic development of our country, overcoming the recession and stagnation and resuming growth. In recent years, the world economy and politics have developed a complicated situation, relations between Russia and the European Union have worsened, in 2014-2015 years against Russia were introduced sectoral sanctions. The way out is intended to be a joint project that creates favorable conditions for building stable relations between Russia and the European Union and its individual countries, for implementing a number of international initiatives jointly with international partners.

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