The agreement between IRIAS and Center “Silk Way” (China) on friendship and cooperation


23 November 2017 in Beijing an agreement was signed between the Center of the planning and research “Silk Way” of China (PRC) and IRIAS of friendship and business cooperation.

From the Russian side the agreement was signed by the IRIAS General director A.I. Ageev. From the Chinese side in the signing of the agreement took part: the permanent vice-chairman of the board of the enter of the planning and research “Silk Way” of Chin L. Xiaolin, vice-chairmen of the board of the enter of the planning and research “Silk Way” of Chin Ts. Zhigang and L. Shan.

In the welcome speech, L. Xiaolin detailed the main directions of China-Russia cooperation and ways of its further expansion. 

The agreement between the IRIAS and the Center “Silk Way” (China) is aimed at expanding the opportunities for implementing specific projects of international cooperation in many sectors of the economy and scientific cooperation.

The Center “Silk Way” (China) , subordinate to the Chancellery of the National Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Council of China, was established on the initiative of the State Development Bank of China, Tsinghua University, the Silk Road Fund, the China Association for the Financing of Development and other organizations.

Cоглашение между МНИИПУ и Центром «Шелковый путь» (Китай) о дружбе и сотрудничестве